September 19, 2019 0 Comments Travel

Reasons Why Many People Prefer a Staycation Over a Long Distance Trip

If given the chance to travel to a distant place over a long weekend, you would choose it in a heartbeat. After working for hours during the week, you want to finally have the chance to rest. But now that you have a family, you might want to just stay home.

Between an international trip and a staycation, the latter doesn’t seem like a bad choice anymore.

There’s no need to plan

When you opt for a staycation, there’s no need to do any planning at all. It’s not like long trips where you have to reserve tickets, plan the itinerary, and deal with lots of details. With a staycation, you can take the pressure off and make the most of whatever you have at home.

Your home seems to be a foreign place

Given the number of hours you spend at work, your home starts to become a foreign place. You can barely remember the time when you were in your backyard while sipping a cup of coffee. Recently, you only go home to bathe and sleep. When you decide to have a staycation, it’s like getting to know your house again. You also get the chance to spend more time with your loved ones.

You can use it as an opportunity for home improvement

When you choose to have a staycation, you still want to make your place comfortable enough. You need to transform it so that it feels like a hotel. As such, it helps if you buy new pillows, sheets, and blankets. An air freshener would also be a nice touch. If you want a complete hotel experience, you can also invest in new bathrobes and towels. If you’re in the mood to splurge, you can even purchase a new bed. Forget the price for a while because you know you deserve to have a new mattress. If you want to know where to buy furniture? You can go online.

It’s a lot cheaper 

If you’re traveling with the entire family, your savings for the trip might not even be enough for the air tickets. Once you calculate the rest of the expenses, it becomes even worse. When you decide to stay at home, even if you decide to buy a lot of new things, you still save money. Besides, you won’t only use these purchases for the staycation.

It’s stress free

When you’re with your kids during a trip, you will prepare a lot. You need to pack all the necessities or it will be a problem. You also have to ensure they stay disciplined or else it will be embarrassing in front of other tourists. Instead of having a fun vacation, it starts to become a nightmare. With a staycation, your kids can be as loud as they want. Everything you need is available at home. If not, you can quickly run to the nearest store to buy supplies.

The entire staycation experience could be relaxing and fulfilling. There’s no wonder why many people prefer having them over a regular trip.