May 11, 2020 0 Comments Events, Shopping

How to be the Perfect Wedding Guest

Some people love going to weddings. They enjoy the festivities, the environment, the giant balloons and the people. Others really have a hard time with weddings. They are never sure what to wear, what to buy or how to act. This is understandable because there is no real rule book for how to be a perfect wedding guest.

To help those who are unsure of how to act at a wedding, we have assembled this guideline of things to do to make sure that you, the bride and the groom, have the best time with your attending.

Dress Nice

Weddings are formal occasions that demand that all of those in attendance dress nicely. This is to pay respects to the couple and to acknowledge the seriousness of the occasion. Men will want to wear suits or slacks and suit jackets and women should be dressed in formal dresses. For women, a wedding guest dress can be expensive if they choose the traditional routes to purchase one. The internet however has created an alternative option for getting beautiful wedding guest dresses at low prices. The top sites offer the widest ranges of styles and even plus size wedding guest dresses that can be delivered directly to your home in a short time.

The way you dress and act should be beautiful but not in a way that competes with the bride and groom. Remember that this is their event and it is all about bringing attention to them, not you. Some people wear the most outlandish and over the top outfits and it takes the focus off the two special people whose special day it is. If you are the type of person who likes to wear wild outfits, fight this urge and instead go for classy and subdued.

Be Polite

Weddings are all about decorum and this includes you being polite to the staff working and the other guests. You may run into someone who is rude or treats you poorly and this might make you quite angry. Instead of retaliating consider the occasion and let it pass. If the incident is really bad, find whoever is managing the event and speak with them discreetly about it. Do not approach the bride or groom because they should only be there to enjoy themselves. Also do not drink too much and if you see others drinking excessively again find out who is in charge and ask them to curb the alcohol. Many people come to a wedding and forget that it is about celebrating the occasion and the couple’s union. To be a great best, you should always keep that in mind.

Bring a Thoughtful Gift

You might be on a tight budget and not have much money for a gift, but you can always bring something thoughtful no matter your budget. Find out where the couple is registered and pick something that is useful rather than expensive. If everything on their registry is out of your budget, you can always make something for them or buy them something for the kitchen or bathroom. Picking a gift they will really appreciate is often better than purchasing something costly but not needed.

Being a wedding guest shows that the couple really cares about you and wants to have you in their life. You can be the perfect wedding guest. Make the most of it and have fun.