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Areas Where You can Save Money on Your Wedding and Still Make it Beautiful

Here are a few great ideas for how to have a beautiful wedding and lower the traditional costs.

Buy Short Bridesmaid Dresses

Not long ago nearly every bride opted for the traditional type of elaborate and expensive dresses for her bridesmaids. The focus was on longer dresses with lots of lace, and beadwork that was intricate and expensive.

The reason was that these types of dresses showed that the bride had spent lots of money on the dresses. And this overspending would often lead to overspending on the entire wedding ceremony. By the time the wedding couple and their family looked up, the costs from the wedding would take years to pay off.

Lately couples are looking to do simpler weddings where costs are more controlled and many brides are selecting lower cost, short bridesmaid dresses. Now this does not mean that the dresses look cheap, in fact you can purchase dresses of this type that are beautiful and elegant. But to save costs on weddings, everyone has gotten more cost conscious about the garments that need to be purchased. And they also realize that the fancier the dresses are, the less likely they will ever be worn again.

So many couples are choosing to have their bridesmaids wear short bridesmaid dresses because they come in modern looks, and in all sizes including plus sizes. And they can likely be worn again to other events.

Pick a Lower Cost Location

These days, nearly anywhere you can name, offers their location as a wedding site. This includes dedicated wedding halls, churches, restaurants, hotels, and every area controlled by the local city government. With so many different options for you to choose where to have your wedding, you are in a great position usually to negotiate any fees. Before you select a location, give yourself several options for your wedding.

You should then go to the owners of managers of these locations and start negotiating for the best price. To get a better price, you might have to move the date of your wedding or change the day of the week of your wedding, but the difference could mean a lot of money saved.

Remember the price for every location is negotiable, and sometimes weddings get canceled leaving some of the best dates available to you. If you see a location you really love, don’t talk yourself out of asking whether it’s available at your price. In the end, you can find a lovely location that fits your budget.

Catering is Often Overpriced.

When you select a caterer for your wedding, you should also be selective. You want a caterer that can give you great food, but you also want someone that fits your budget. Catering companies often charge more money for weddings because they know that the couple is so emotionally involved in the food, that the price to them is secondary. The reality is that if you shop around for caterers you’re likely to find one that can give you amazing food at your budget.

You should allow the caterer to make suggestions for you about what the best style of food and way to serve it might be. A buffet might be a lot less expensive, than a sit-down dinner for example. They also might be able to swap out lesser expensive meats for the ones that you are thinking of. Keep in mind that in the end, your guests are there too enjoy the evening. Give them good food, no one will complain.

Use these tips to help you save money on your wedding. Don’t be concerned about cutting corners, instead focus on the fact that you are marrying the love of your life. Your guests will enjoy your wedding simply because you two are there.