May 11, 2020 0 Comments Real Estate

Four Steps to Find the Best Corporate Housing Near Me

If your business is one where you bring in workers for projects that require short, medium or long terms stays in your area, you might be asking yourself how to find the best corporate housing near me?

Locating the right corporate housing can be a big win for your company. You can save money and get accommodations that help your workers be comfortable and productive. For this reason, here are four steps you should take to find the best corporate housing near you.

  1. Be Clear About What You Need

When you are looking for corporate housing, you need to be really clear about what it is that you need. Do you need accommodations that were built and designed to be corporate housing? This type of housing will focus on the things that companies need most. This include a clean and quiet environment, comfortable rooms that have spaces where workers can get some work done, central locations near food and activities, pools, workout rooms, and places on the property where we can sit and think. 

These places also have flexible leasing terms and some have many locations, in the event that you need to house employees at various locations. They will work closely with you to fulfill your company’s exact requirements. If these things are important to you, you should aim for places designed specifically as corporate housing.

Some hotels and apartments cater to companies looking to house their employees. They provide many of the things listed above, but you will likely have to make compromises on some things. There may be a trade-off however on location and price. The key is to be clear about what is important to you, and what you need most.

  1. Check What is Available in Your Area

With a clear understanding of what you need in corporate housing, the next step is to see what is available in your neighborhood.  Set the price range that you want to pay for corporate housing, and see what options come up for you.  Make sure that you look at all of the costs, so there will be surprises on your bill. If you are in a cosmopolitan area, there are likely several choices for you. However you also have to make sure that they have the space that you need during the time you need it.

  1. Do Your Research

When you narrow down your choices, do your own research about which one is the best option. Go online and look for reviews of the corporate housing options that are available to you. What are people who have stayed in these places saying? Do they consistently get great reviews on the quality of the housing? How about checking in and checking out? Are there consistently problems with either of these? Do they offer a mobile application that is comprehensive? Are they responsive when you have a problem? Do they have maintenance on site? Were there any hidden costs? Create a list of questions for yourself that you can go through in order to determine if a particular corporate housing will meet your needs.

  1. Do a Visit

Finally, you should take a visit to the corporate housing location. Nothing can replace doing a walk-through of a location to determine if you really think it is appropriate. Pay attention to how the staff treats you and if they are happy to answer any questions you have. You should turn the entire facility and of course take a look at the different types of rooms they offer. Get an understanding of their payment terms, what happens if you need to change the amount of time you need the rooms, and what payment types they take. Again, pay attention to how professional they are in dealing with you.

After you have gone through these four steps, you can be sure that your selection is the right option for corporate housing.