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Choosing the Right Home Air Conditioner

When you are up for a replacement or an upgrade of your air conditioning unit, you may find it challenging to make a decision. It is beneficial to work with someone trained to help you decide which unit will meet all the cooling needs of your home. You can consult a supplier who is knowledgeable in residential air conditioning for advice. Check if the supplier is willing to send a technician over to your home to assess your needs before giving you a quotation.  

Factors to consider

Several factors will affect your decision on which type of air conditioning system is best for your home. Working with someone trained and knowledgeable in air conditioning systems will be beneficial. If you live in Kent, consult an air conditioning Kent supplier who is knowledgeable in residential air conditioning for advice.

Size of the room

Consider which parts of the house you want to keep consistently cool. You should consider the unit’s efficiency and the size of the room, whether it is a large and open living area or a bedroom. If you have a small unit and try to cool a large room, the unit will work harder.

Types of the air conditioning system 

Modern air conditioning systems come in different types, developed for efficiency, energy-saving, and noise reduction.

Split systems 

There are two types of split systems, and both models have a compressor and condenser installed outside the home and the evaporator coil and air handler installed indoors. Split type air conditioners may have a single head unit, a multi-head unit, a portable unit, or a ducted unit.

  • single head split system will only cool a single room or a small open space, like a one-room flat. The compressor unit is placed outdoors, while the vents can be mounted on the ceiling, wall, or floor.

  • If you have a large house with several rooms, you should look at a multi-head split system. This type of air conditioning unit has a single compressor placed outdoors. You can connect up to nine air handlers to efficiently cool each part of the house.

  • Portable units are less efficient and less effective, but if you are a renter, this type of air conditioning system may work since you can take the unit with you when you transfer to another residence.

  • With a ducted system, the outdoor compressor supplies the cooled air to several rooms in the house via an integrated network of insulated ducts. While it can effectively cool the entire house, it costs more and consumes more energy.

Window box type

A window box type air conditioner is still an option, and it is suitable for small areas or single rooms. It is cheaper but has a lower output capacity and is noisier.


The cost of the unit and the installation will affect your decision as well. Look for a unit of high quality at an affordable price. The product’s brand may affect the cost, as well.

While you’re at it, check the unit’s specifications, warranties, model, and features. Other factors to consider are the unit’s energy efficiency, local climate, and home layout.