April 9, 2020 0 Comments Real Estate


One of the most difficult things people looking to sell their homes face is the flood of emotion they feel during the sale. This is especially true for people looking to sell their home for the first time. Besides the sentiment, you equally may battle with the sheer amount of time involved if this is your first home sale.

One of the feelings you are most likely to experience while marketing your home is privacy invasion. Feeling uneasy as potential buyers explore your rooms and closets is common for people selling their homes and the worst part is that you will have to cope with their criticisms of what you hold dear.

Hence, avoiding making mistakes when marketing your home for the first time is almost impossible if you don’t have any help. However, being armed with adequate knowledge of mistakes to avoid could be the breakthrough you need.

Here are a few mistakes you should avoid when marketing your home:

  • AVOID BEING SENTIMENTAL OR EMOTIONAL: This is probably the greatest challenge you will face when marketing your home for the first time. These feelings are entirely natural considering that you invested a lot of time, money, and effort to secure and beautify the masterpiece you now call your home. Another thing that makes avoiding being emotional difficult when marketing your home for the first time is the memories you created there. Get professional home marketing advice from Homeflippers.

A lot of people believe that it is these memories that convert a house into a home. Hence, the struggle many first-time home sellers face when it comes to controlling their emotions. Truth be told, you will never get rid of these emotions when marketing your home. What you can do is manage them. A good way around this is to stop seeing yourself as a home-owner and start seeing yourself as a businessman. Change your perspective.

  • MAKING THE DECISION TO CONTRACT AN AGENT OR NOT? One of the reasons many people look to avoid using real estate agents is the commission they demand. Typically, you will have to pay them 5-6 percent of the home sale value. However, it is advisable that you avoid marketing your home on your own, especially if this is your first time. One of the advantages of contracting an agent is that a good one will be committed to you finding the best deal possible. They will advise you of a reasonable price that will enhance your chances of selling your home faster.
  • DON’T KEEP YOUR PRICING HOPES UP: There is a huge likelihood that anyone who comes to view your home will want to negotiate the price. It is not advisable that you stay rigid on the price you put on your home. A great tip to help you get something close to your valuation is to avoid putting the actual price out at first. This will give the buyer the room to negotiate. Hence, even if you do have to compromise on the rate you intend marketing your home at, you will not be far off.

In conclusion, marketing your home doesn’t have to be a nightmare if you learn to avoid the mistakes above.