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5 Marketing Ideas for Company T-Shirts

Ideas for Company T-Shirts

On average, people who receive promotional products keep them for about eight months, except useful items such as t-shirts. A person who gets a shirt as a promotional giveaway can choose to keep and wear it for as long as they want, and this is great for marketing. Those who wear a garment with your company brand printed on it serve as effective and free advertising. Despite the trends in promotional marketing and the availability of various products you can use to market your brand, printed shirts remain one of the most effective and popular promotional products out there.

There is no doubt that giving away printed clothing is an excellent marketing idea. But how do you execute it effectively? From starting with a compelling design to choosing a reputable company for t-shirt printing in London, here are some marketing ideas to ensure that your investment leads to maximum returns.

Reach out to inactive consumers

Keeping in touch with customers is a great way to find out if some have become inactive. You can inform old clients about new products and services and give them a complementary company shirt. It is not likely for anyone to decline a free item, and you can use this opportunity to re-introduce them to your brand.

Host a product giveaway on social media

Giveaways and contests create the most engagement on social media channels. Followers are more likely to share, like, and post about upcoming promotional events when they can win an item. For example, you can host a contest over social media where followers of your company can send t-shirt design entries. This way, followers can get involved in the creation of a print or logo that will appear on company shirts.

Promotional giveaways at trade shows

Up and coming businesses participate in trade shows to gain brand recognition. You get maximum exposure with potential clients, suppliers, and even competitors. Printed shirts are a popular giveaway at trade shows, and you can give them out as you network with clients and industry leaders.

A bonus promotional item

Another great way to use printed t-shirts as a marketing item is to include them as a giveaway during product launches. For example, every customer who buys the product gets a shirt for free. But you do not need to give one shirt away for every purchase, make it appear as an incentive by providing a shirt only to the first few customers who bought the new product. In addition to rewarding customers, you can also use printed shirts to commemorate company milestones such as anniversaries and give them away as a reward to employees.

Use printed shirts as a customer service tool

Every company gets dissatisfied customers once in a while. Apart from resolving the customer’s issue on time, you can also use t-shirts as a giveaway and as another form of apology to the customer. Disgruntled customers usually feel less angry when they receive complimentary items from the company in addition to getting their concerns solved.