April 8, 2019 0 Comments Business

eTargetMedia – Why Targeted Email Marketing Will Boost Your Business

Back when email marketing first became a popular marketing tool it was something which I used for my vegan restaurant here in Coconut Creek, Florida, and I found a lot of success from it. As times changed however it became clear that email marketing wasn’t what it once was, and I decided to invest in different techniques. Two years ago however I caught up with an old friend who was working for eTargetMedia, an email marketing company. She told me that targeted email marketing was the way forward and it turned out to be the best advice which I have received. I am just about to open up my second vegan restaurant in Florida and extend the restaurant in Coconut Creek, and it is all down to targeted email marketing.


When you put up a billboard for your business then you may get something like 50,000 impressions per day, thousands more if it is in a prominent location. The issue with this however is that of those 50,000 people you have no idea who will be interested in what you are trying to sell, this is what email marketing used to be like. If you are in a niche industry such as myself this is all the more important and you may end up promoting yourself to people who simply don’t care. With targeted marketing however this all changes and we can market our businesses and our products to people who are interested in what we are selling and who are more likely to engage and purchase from us.


To use the billboard example once again, if 50,000 cars have driven past your billboard each day then you will have no idea as to how many people were in each car, who has taken notice of the billboard or who has simply ignored it. We live in a digital world now with so many software advancements that we have detailed metrics which we can use to monitor the progress of our targeted marketing campaign. This means that we can not only see how many people have clicked through the email, but also what their activity was after they have done so. These metrics greatly help us to improve the precision of our marketing and ultimately to boost our chances of success in the future.


There are so many businesses now in every sector that there is a great amount of competition for customers. What this has lead to is customers not feeling that they can place loyalty with many businesses, given the wide choice which they have. With targeted marketing however you can make your existing and your potential customers feel highly valued through personalized emails which aren’t spammy, but simply present the consumer with a great opportunity. This can help you to not only build your sales, but also to increase awareness of your brand.

If you want to take your business to the next level, targeted email marketing is the way in which you can do it.