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Transitioning Your Daughter From High School to University

When a young woman moves from high school to university it is a wonderful and even fulfilling time. She is leaving one life that she has become very familiar with to start a new and exciting one with different types of challenges and much greater expectations.

Her transition will require a lot more responsibilities on her part and on yours as well as a parent. Some of it is emotional where both of you have to prepare for changes in your relationship and in each of your lives. These changes might require an adjustment period but after things will likely get better than ever.

During this transition period, there are certain things that you should do to prepare your daughter for life in university. Here is a list of those things.

High School Graduation

Your daughter is ending her time in high school and she is likely going through some pretty emotional times thinking about ending relationships with friends she has been close to for several years. They will all go their own ways. Some will stay in town and others will go away to university in other places. She will also have to leave her favorite teachers and the school where she has gotten so comfortable. She will have to get used to not being around any of them and this will not be easy for her.

One way to give young people a chance for a formal goodbye to their school, teachers and friends is with a graduation party. This event might be held the same day as, or a different day than the graduation, and may be held at the school, a hall, or at a private home. You should make sure that your daughter has the best time possible due to its significance to her. Make it a grand affair. You can use the same dress she wore to graduation for the party. Dress her up in a beautiful dress and keep her in a good mood. To find the perfect dress for her shop online. For the best selection of graduation dresses UK based online retailer Ever Pretty is your best option. They also specialize in lower cost dresses so you won’t break your budget. Get her a great dress, nice shoes, and accessories. Make it a party for her to remember always.

Entering University

If possible, have her enter in a summer course at her new university. This will give her the chance to get acclimated to the school and the pace of college life. She might also meet some new friends and some of the professors she will have. If it is local, you can drive her there or let her drive on her own. Independence for her during this time is really important. If her school is out of town consider driving her there early so she can get her feel for the new town. Where to eat and shop and the people.

This is a big time in the life of you and your daughter. It will be difficult for both of you, but it can be made easier with these tips.