July 20, 2020 0 Comments Business

These Machines Insure the Highest Quality at Your Medical Equipment Manufacturing Business

The medical equipment manufacturing business has always demanded precision and consistency from its manufacturers because of the high stakes nature of the industries that it serves. Medical equipment must be precise and dependable because these qualities can mean life or death for the person needing the equipment.

The manufacturers who provide this equipment are constantly scouring the industry for the right manufacturing machinery that can deliver on its stringent needs. With covid-19 prevalent across the world scrutiny of these suppliers has gotten even tighter. And the need for equipment that can fit certain criteria is greater.

For many of those companies that manufacture high quality medical supplies and equipment, two types of manufacturing machinery is required today: Continuous Motion Assembly Machines and Special Purpose Machines. Here is a quick overview of what these machines can do for medical supply and equipment manufacturers.

Continuous Motion Assembly Machines

For those manufacturers in the medical sector who need manufacturing machines that allow for long processing times and work at a high rate, a continuous motion assembly machine is the solution. The best continuous machine manufacturers provide machinery that guarantees both high precision and repeatability.

These machines are highly tuned, consisting of the best quality parts and built to the highest tolerances. The result is a mechanical system that never loses control and can perform multiple functions simultaneously. Today’s top continuous motion machines can reach up to 1200 parts and perform a range of processes including, clipping, gluing, ultrasonic welding, labeling, inkjet printing, crimping, and siliconizing. In terms of quality control, the machine performs flow and pressure, height, orientation and presence tests. You can also do visual inspection throughout the process.

Special Purpose Machines

A special purpose machine is designed to meet your organization’s specific needs. Your company works with a high quality special purpose machine manufacturer who will custom design the machine for you. It will utilize any number of platforms including back step, pilot or semi-automatic machine on robotic or rotary table platform, servo or mechanical linear transfer, modular linear pallet transfer, magnetic track shuttle transfer.

These are the most flexible and popular platforms and it is likely your needs can be met using these platforms. The specific platform to be used depends on your company’s requirements. Aspects like the number of components to assemble, the processes to integrate, the complexity, the flexibility, the volume, the open time, the output, the budget are considered when the special purpose machine is designed. In the end, you receive a customized piece of equipment that is high quality and efficient.

If your medical equipment manufacturing company needs this type of manufacturing equipment, make sure you buy from a quality supplier.