August 27, 2020 0 Comments Real Estate

Pure Moving Company – California’s Best Movers

When you are looking for a moving company you want to ensure that you use a service which treats your possessions like they are their own, which is punctual and which offers you great prices. This is why the Pure Moving Company in California is one of the most well respected and relied upon services in the California area.

I was put in touch with the company thanks to a friend who had used the service and who raved about how great they were. Having had some bad experiences in the past with some national companies, I was happy to give a more local business a try when I moved out of my condo last year, and I have to say that these guys really know what they are doing. If you live in California, here is why these are the guys you need.


Supporting your local businesses is always a good idea as it helps to support both the community and it helps to boost the local economy. These guys have been operating in California for over 6 years and they have found success thanks to a straight up approach with a great service and a personal touch that you wouldn’t find from the national moving firms.


On their website, you can get a free estimate for your move and I was happy enough with mine to give it the green light. What I was surprised and impressed by was the fact that the move came in under estimate, so the move was cheaper than expected. Now I understand why so many people speak highly of the integrity with which this company operates, something which is rare in today’s competitive world of business.

Speed of Delivery

I was blown away by both the professionalism of the company and the speed with which they got all of our stuff packed up and moved. In the past I have found slow workers who don’t seem to care too much about how quickly I was able to get my stuff into the new place, this was certainly not the case with this team who had my stuff packed up, moved and unpacked in no time at all, a really prompt and swift service.

Stress Free Moving Day

I have to be honest a move like this usually really stresses me, checking if everything is packed, concerned as to whether I wrote ‘fragile’ on the boxes or not, whether anything was going to get broken. All of this stress however was quickly allayed when the team from the movers arrived, their customer service was brilliant, they picked up a couple of details which even I hadn’t noticed and the fact that they were so calmed certainly helped to reduce my anxiety about the move.

These guys just get what is required from a moving company, they are professional, they take care of your items and you, and they are a company which I’d happily recommend to anyone who is moving in the California area.