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Nine University Reviews, Keys to Making Top Dollar on Amazon FBA 

A large part of the reason why so many people wish to start their own Amazon FBA business is because of the accessibility of this business model and the promise of making a lot of money. This latter part however, this is where things do get tricky because simply understanding how to sell on Amazon will not always result in great riches. It is for this reason why courses online exist and if we take the Nine University reviews, an online course which is widely regarded as the best, we can see from these comments alone where that divide takes place, between those who crush it and those who don’t. 

There are some key lessons to be learned in order to succeed in this game and here is what those who have taken the course had to say about it. 


 When you sell goods on Amazon there is a very tough balance to find in terms of marketing, and there is very little space which you have to win the customer over. We know that there are multiple products on Amazon which are very similar to one another and the chances of you finding a product which nobody else is selling is very slim. In order to stand out therefore you will have to areas that work in your favor, the first is the reviews that you have received and the second will be your marketing skills. You have to take the right photo, give the perfect description and information that will convince the customer that your product is best. 

Product Quality 

Whilst this does happen less than it used to, it is very clear that for a long time people would simply find the lowest cost products and then sell them for a profit, without much thought for the customer. This cannot happen now and it is vital that if you are going to start a business like this, that you have a passion and an eye for picking high quality products. Not only will this get you better reviews which in turn will inspire more to buy, but it will give your business some more longevity. 

Range and Trends

The real key to making big money on Amazon is ensuring that your business is offering a range of products, even if that is within the same niche, and that it is on top of any customer trends which begin to take place. The range will ensure that money is constantly coming in and if you are able to jump on a trend early then you could certainly turn that into a real money spinner. The Nine University course clearly focuses on the importance of getting the right products at the right time and the reason for that is that the very best and most profitable sellers are doing the same thing. 

Simple tips but not easy to execute, this is the stark contrast between those who crush it, and those who don’t.