May 12, 2020 0 Comments Events, Shopping

How to Make the Right Decisions on Key Areas of Your Wedding

When you’re planning a wedding oh, there are hundreds of decisions that need to be made. The most part, these decisions are small and won’t really make a difference to the ceremony. However there’s some major decisions that need to be made, that are not so easily determined.

We’ve listed three critical areas of your wedding here, and how to go about determining the best options for them. Hopefully it will help you to have an easier time on your special day.

The bridesmaid dresses

The bridesmaid dresses should all be the same dress in the same color. This uniformity works well at the event and during the ceremony.  They should all be beautiful and you should be conscious about how much money you spend for them. Remember they will likely not be used much after this day if at all, so look for lower cost options that fits your needs. A great example of places to shop is online retailer Ever Pretty.  They offer a huge selection of bridesmaid prices for the best prices. Whether you want lace bridesmaid dresses or simple ones that look elegant, you can find them at Ever Pretty.

The location

The location you select for your wedding, should be one that sets the right tone for your wedding. Are you looking to make it more formal? You should consider a church or hotel ballroom. Do you want it to be more relaxed? How about an outdoor location or even a private home? How about a fun wedding? The beach is perfect, or even a park. Take a tour of several locations, and several types of locations so that you can get a sense of how things will feel if you hold your wedding there. You might get the right vibe in an unexpected place. Make sure to bring your significant other with you so that you can decide together.

The photographer and videographer

This is not an area where you should try and save money and cut corners. The pictures and videos of your wedding will be the only visual mementos that you have for the rest of your life. Spend the money to get a great photographer and videographer. The extra money will be well worth it when you receive visual images that you are proud of and that make you look spectacular on your special day.

The guest list

The guest list is always a challenging area for brides and grooms. When you start making your list, you realize the challenges. You’ll have to make a list that includes all the important people, but does not leave people off unnecessarily. You didn’t have to balance who you invite with how they will at your wedding. Are there any family or friend feuds that you need to be concerned about? In this case who do you invite, and who do you leave off? When in doubt, do not invite anyone that might cause a problem that makes your day difficult. We may not understand why you were doing this now, but later on they will. Make a list of people that you love and that will put aside any issues because they know how important this day is to you. Indian make a guest list that will make you and your significant other.

Use these tips to help you make tough decisions about your wedding.