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How to Get Out And Play Tennis in The UK

Whenever there is a big tennis event on the television many get the fever and wish to get out and swing their racket. If you aren’t someone who normally plays tennis throughout the year then you may not be too aware of where your nearest courts are or where you could go out and play. You can of course get a ball and a racket and look for the nearest wall to play some one person tennis, but where is the fun in that? If you have been gripped with tennis fever then here is how you can get out with a friend and start playing some games.

Public Courts

As part of the Millennium project many councils were given the funding for tennis court construction in many towns and villages. More often than not these consist of two or three tennis courts, a football and basketball court. These courts are free to use and whilst the nets may not get the best levels of maintenance, they will be more than good enough for you to get out and play. If you don’t have one in your own town or village then look into surrounding locations as there are thousands of these courts around the country.

Tennis Club

Tennis clubs exist in many places although some of them are pretty hidden away so you may not see them. There are more clubs with all weather courts than there are with grass courts and you can find out where your nearest club is directly from the LTA website. Most tennis clubs have introductory offers for beginners such as 12 week memberships to see how you enjoy playing, and most will also offer half-year and full-year memberships. Tennis clubs in the UK have great coaching options and are very welcoming.


Many schools also have a tennis court and on evenings and weekends these are open to the public. The best part about many of these courts is that they are covered over by the school canopies which means you can play no matter what the weather is doing. Make sure that you check with the school first to make sure that they allow public play on an evening and weekend, as long as they give you the green light you’ll be good to go.

There are plenty of options for you to get out and play if you look hard enough.