March 21, 2019 0 Comments Business, Entrepreneurship

How to Be Wildly Successful in Facilities Management – Top Tips to Use

Getting into the world of facilities management can encompass all kinds of different ventures. At its core, facilities management is all about creating a workplace or home environment that is functional for people. Whether that means you are managing commercial developments that are rented out to businesses in a variety of industries, or homes being renting to people, you are responsible for all the activities that are related to that building.

The goal of a facilities manager is to attract reliable and trustworthy tenants to the building, which means you need to provide them with an ideal experience in terms of the physical environment. So, how exactly can you do that? We’ve gone ahead and put together a list of the top tips to use that will help you to be wildly successful in facilities management.

Take a Look at Facilities Management Trends

One step that can be extremely useful is to take a look at the facilities management trends over the past year to get a better sense of where the industry is going and what is creating buzz. A blog posted by Bevi just last year, which was titled “Top 6 Must-Know Facilities Management Trends in 2018” is able to shed all kinds of light on the current trends taking place.

One of the standout trends that the Bevi blog discusses is the tenant experience. Tenants are no longer being lured simply by a location. Instead, it goes much deeper and it is about the entire experience and what the space offers in terms of extras. Perhaps it is a smart building, maybe the signage is clear and high-tech, perhaps there are a lot of windows and a feeling of nature inside the building, or perhaps the conference room space is better suited to the type of clients you will host.

Green Spaces are Being Heralded

Another area in which facilities managers can excel and attract top-notch clients is by designing a space that is green. Making energy efficiency and sustainability a key factor in the design is not only better for the environment, but it is also helping to attract tenants. Take a look at the many businesses out there today who are leading by example and ensuring that their workspaces, and their employees, follow as many green measures as possible – it’s clear this is a trend worth hopping on.

Embracing Technology

Just about every industry out there is benefiting from and embracing technology, to not only help them to be more productive and efficient but also lead them into their future. As a facilities manager, it’s vital to stay on top of technology trends and deliver tenants the key pieces. Right now, there is a lot of emphasis on automation, and that can be applied to buildings in a number of ways.

Automation can be applied to a building’s security system, lighting system, temperature levels, waste management, and so much more. Tenants will appreciate the high-tech offering and as a facilities manager, you’ll be saving money thanks to the fact the building will be more energy efficient.

Staying on top of each of these trends can help you to succeed in the world of facilities management.