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5 Expert Tips for Buying Quality Cigars Online

When you look to buy cigars online there are a some red flags which you need to watch out for before you purchase. Unfortunately there are a number of online vendors who are not able to offer a wide variety of quality cigars and in some cases both their pricing and customer service are questionable. Thankfully however there are many excellent cigar stores which you can find online, which offer a range of delectable cigars for your choice. Before you buy online, here are some tips which are worth bearing in mind, so that you can ensure the best product and experience. 

Focus on Freshness

Cigars are delicate and they must be stored correctly in order for them to retain the maximum amount of flavor. In order for them to stay at their best, cigars must be stored at 70 degrees F and 70% humidity. The very best online stores will advertise that they look after the product in this way, and if you don’t see any indication that this may be the case, you should contact the store and confirm with them. 

Shipping Times

In the same way that cigars should be stored appropriately, they should also be shipped quickly to reduce the amount of time which they spend outside of a humidor. Essentially what you are looking for here is a shipping time which will deliver your cigars in 4 days or less. Any more time spent en route to your home will begin to diminish the quality of the product. 

Pick Up Some Singles

Buying a full box of cigars which you have never tried before can be risky and that is exactly why many stores will offer you the chance to buy singles. These individual products give you the chance to sample one or two different cigars without committing to the purchase of a full box. The best online stores offer singles, a great way to introduce yourself to new products. 

Cuban No-Go

Whilst relationships have improved between the US and Cuba in recent years, and although you can bring back a small amount of cigars from Cuba to the US, the online sale of Cuban cigars remains illegal. With this being said however there are still websites which would have you believe otherwise, selling either counterfeit cigars or simply taking money and disappearing. This doesn’t go for everyone of course, UK residents for example can purchase Cubans online without a problem. If you are based in the US however, approach with absolute caution and be sure that you know what the law says about this. 

Customer Service

It is always worth sending a message or two to the customer service department of the online store which you plan to use, even if you don’t really have a question. This is a test to see how prompt the site is at replying and to gauge what level of service they are able to offer you. Issues happen from time to time, but knowing that the store has great customer service means that you can be confident that any issues are swiftly and easily resolved. 

Buying cigars online is a great way to get your hoagies, just make sure that you take your time to pick the right store.