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They Towed My Car: Important Next Steps to Take

What do you do when you’re on vacation or parked outside on a city street or past the limit on your meter (etcetera) and — to your horror — you find that your car has been towed away to an impound lot?

It’s a frustrating, stressful, and even scary situation. But you wouldn’t be the first to go through it. So don’t panic! There are clear and proven next steps to take when you hear yourself saying, “oh no! who towed my car?”

We’re here to help. Keep reading below to learn what you can and should do next when your car’s been towed!

Step #1 — Find Your Car!

Once you discover that your vehicle has been towed to an impound lot, it’s time to do a little sleuthing.

First, look around and check for any potential signage (near where your car was parked) that might indicate where unauthorized or illegally-parked vehicles are commonly moved. Often, they’re towed by hook lift trucks (be sure to read more on these truck types to know how it will affect your vehicle), so keep your eye’s peeled for metal placards that picture little truck or hook icons as well as contact numbers and addresses.

But what if there is no signage nearby? Well, in those cases, there’s really only one thing left to do: start dialing the city office.

Ask for the clerk and request to see if your vehicle was recently impounded at a local lot. Don’t worry if they don’t have any immediate records for your car. These things take time. Be patient and let the clerk know you’ll call back in a few hours. Chances are, your specific scenario just hasn’t fully registered in the city office system and impound lot system.

Step #2 — Listen to the Lot

After you’ve contacted the city clerk again, and you’ve finally located your vehicle, it’s go-time and your next step is to contact the specific lot that’s impounding your car. This might not always be a pleasant experience, but remember to be kind and stay courteous. We’ve all been there before. The process can take a while, and you don’t want to create any roadblocks to slow it down any further.

Inquire about lot hours, when they open, when they close, and ask how much you owe at pickup. Find out if they take cash, check, card, or any other type of payment, and be sure to verify what paperwork or proof of insurance you will need on arrival. If you don’t have what you need when you arrive, you won’t get your car back.

Step #3 — Count Your Cash

When all your ducks are in a row, it’s time to pick up your car from the impound lot and cash out. But, it’s important to remember, even if you don’t have an urgent need to get your wheels back yet, you should always try to recover your vehicle as soon as possible.

Why? Because for every day your vehicle continues to sit in an impound lot, the price of releasing your car will only continue to increase! And as far as the actual cost for driving off the lot at pickup — it really varies from location to location. So, the bottom line and rule of thumb? Don’t let your vehicle sit any longer than it needs to. Pick it up as soon as possible and start fresh.

Next Time You Have to Ask “Who Towed My Car?” — You’ll Be Prepared

It’s not a fun process but now you’re ready for the worst. And, now, if you do find yourself saying, “who towed my car?” — it’s no worries. You got this. Just remember: find your car, listen to the lot, and count your cash.

To learn more helpful tips, tricks, and go-bys for life’s challenges, be sure to visit our site and check back daily. As always, stay prepared and confident, no matter what comes your way!