January 18, 2020 0 Comments Business

Sertant Capital – What is a Career in Finance Really Like?

As part of our careers focus today we are going to take a look at the world of finance and what a career in this sector looks like. To help us out I have asked my great friend Michael Rae to offer us some thoughts. Michael has worked for equipment finance company Sertant Capital for over 10 years now, and I would say that he is very well placed to add some insight into what things are like when you work in finance, and what you may be able to expect if you also wished to pursue a career in this industry. 


Michael said that the first thing he noticed about the finance industry was just how ambitious everyone was. The result of this is that the industry itself can be very competitive, with everyone challenging to get moved up the ladder. Naturally there are different types of businesses within the industry of finance but in Michael’s experience this competition and ambition appear to be the same throughout banks, traders and lenders. 


One must be incredible responsible when working in finance because you are constantly dealing with other people’s money. Michael is responsible for passing approval on the loans for equipment to many companies and of course every loan is done so based on his recommendation. It is for this reason as well that so many financial institutions have multiple layers of checks and due diligence, to ensure that no mistakes are made and that every decision is fully checked and approved before money moves anywhere. 

Mixed Bag 

In terms of the characteristics of the people who work in finance, Michael spoke about how it can really be a mixed bag. For every ambitious and money hungry worker, there are those who just want to do a good job, those looking for security in their position and those who are just wholeheartedly dedicated to the world of finance.


There isn’t massive amounts of team projects within this sector and in the main everyone is out for themselves. Now of course everyone will be working under the same company banner, but there is far more autonomy in the world of finance than there is in other sectors. This is something which Michael says he enjoys, but appreciates that it isn’t the ideal scenario for everyone. If you are looking to be a part of a well-oiled machine and working in a team setting, this may not be the career for you. 

If you are ambitious and you love maths, money and business, this could be a great career choice for you which is rewarding on a professional and a financial level. Those who work in finance have to have a real passion for it in order to survive, and they must be responsible enough to deal with other people’s money. 

Could this be the right career choice for you?