January 18, 2020 0 Comments Business

Reputation Management Consultant Reviews – How Can The Online Reputation of Your Business Be Damaged

A friend of mine recently started working for a reputation management firm and prior to him starting there we were reading some of the reputation management consultant reviews, to see what he was letting himself in for. These reviews were absolutely glowing which gave us both confidence that he was going to be working for a great company, but something which surprised us both was the number of people who had used the service, who previously had absolutely no idea just how easily their online reputation could get tarnished. This is something which every business owner needs to know about because the consequences of a negative online reputation are huge. Here then, are just a few ways in which your business’ online reputation can get trashed. 

Scathing Review 

Review sites are absolutely crucial in the modern world and so many potential customers will be checking out your reviews before they even think about coming into your business. Now in the main these may be positive but if you have a bad day and that results in someone having a terrible experience in your business, and they decide to write about it, your online reputation could be destroyed just like that. Now if you are alert to these reviews being left and you are able to reply and explain that the business had a bad day and offer compensation, you can repair the situation, if you are not and the review stays there, many customers will be put off. 

Social Media

A common mistake which many make is using the social media profile of the business for perusal use, and this too has gotten many businesses in trouble. Recently there was a story of a CEO who shared something of a risqué joke on their Facebook page, which was actually the page for their baby care business. Within an hour the content had gone viral and there were hashtags going around to boycott the business. Prior to that content being shared the baby care company was doing well and was widely respected, afterwards it faced massive difficulties, especially given the sensitive nature of its customers. An ill timed tweet, a silly piece of content, and everything could go wrong in a heartbeat. 

Negative Story 

Even a piece of negative content which someone else writes about you can be damaging if it ranks high enough on the search results, regardless of whether it is true or not. We have seen tales of disgruntled ex-employees who have gone to the local press to do a ‘reveal’ of what life is like in the business they once worked at, and regardless of whether it is true this is very quickly going to be seen all over the web, and damage your reputation in the process. 

You can’t always avoid issues like this but you can use a reputation management company to ensure that the fire is put out before it spreads.