December 18, 2020 0 Comments Business

Pandemic Pivot: Is It The Right Time to Change Careers?

Although a change in your career can be daunting especially during a global crisis, realize that there are numerous opportunities out there for job hunters. Even then, is it wise to pursue that career change you’ve been thinking about during a pandemic? Did you enroll for online coursesduring quarantine? Should you wait for a while even if your current career is extremely stressful or it isn’t making you happy? Below is a look at three reasons why you should consider a job change amid the pandemic.

You’re Curious About Your Purpose

Realize that crisis often offers an opportunity which means that being pushed to find a new job is empowering.  Besides, it helps to spark curiosity about how you can pursue a career that aligns with your purpose. How can you get started? To start with, consider your previous career and try to identify moments that made you happy. These could be one-off interactions or projects that filled you with joy as you focused on the work. Next, be sure you write down those joyous moments. Also, consider whether these moments allowed you to apply your innate talents or skill set. If your answer is yes, then you have the evidence you need. Therefore, seek opportunities that align with your list of joyful experiences that allows you to apply your talents effortlessly.

Taking Online Courses Allow You to Build Skills

You must reflect on the progress of your career and even consider embarking on a new direction to help you move forward. Social-distancing measures have offered many an excellent opportunity to make the most of their downtime by pursuing online courses to brush up on their existing skills or to learn new skills. Today, employers are looking for candidates with transferable skills that can be used in various positions. This also means you’ll have more liberties to apply for different roles and industries based on your interest which can be advantageous. That’s more so if it’s compared to only working with those jobs that mainly align with your past experiences.

Increased Job Opportunities with More Companies Seeking Flexible Applicants

Realize that interviews are still happening despite the pandemic and so is hiring. As such, more and more employers will be needing more people. Therefore, you should look out for such opportunities. In addition, you’ll have to be more flexible when it comes to what your new role will be like. While there are those who’ve lost their jobs during this period, there’s an increase in opportunities in other industries. For instance, industries like healthcare are hiring and are actively looking for candidates. Therefore, being open to working in new industries means that you’ll have more job opportunities. Be sure to do your research as you discover how your background will add value.  And thanks to such opportunities, you can now grow in your career and even add new knowledge and skill sets to your current background.

Is It Time to do what makes you happy?

Even with the pandemic, you don’t have to put your career on hold. With careful planning and self-assessment, you can still pivot into new and better careers. At the same time, lots of patience is necessary as you rethink the direction of your career and how to act accordingly.