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Funerals that Don’t Break the Bank: Find Affordable Cremation

Did you know that there are over 2 million funerals every single year? The truth is that although this is a difficult topic to talk about, it is one that everyone must prepare for. Funerals can get expensive quickly but you can still honor your loved one without worrying about breaking the bank.

We put together this guide to help you navigate affordable cremation.

1. Cremation vs Burial

One of the biggest differences between both is the low cost cremation comes with. This is usually around 50% less expensive than going with a traditional burial. For anyone on a budget, it is worthwhile to consider the cremation option.

If you do opt for a cremation you can completely customize the experience to make sure that you do not feel that you are missing out on any important traditions you and your family might have. If you prefer to just have a direct cremation this is also an option. You get to pick and choose the best options for your family’s needs.

2. Research Funeral Homes

Do a search on the local funeral homes in your area and take the time to call each one to see what they charge. Do not go with the first funeral home you call because you might be surprised at the price differences.

You have the right to ask for a price list of all of the services that they offer and thanks to consumer protection laws they are under the obligation to give accurate and full information even when you are getting information over the phone.

3. Rent a Cremation Urn or Casket

If you want to have a really pretty urn or casket for the service you might want to consider renting one from the funeral home for use during the memorial service. Then have your loved one cremated or buried in a more affordable casket instead of the fancier one.

4. Alternative Venues

You want to consider alternative venue options for the service or the reception if you are looking to stay within a certain budget. Places like community centers, chapels, and churches tend to have very affordable venue rental fees. For those that are members of an association or a church you can usually use the venue for a very small fee or in some cases it might be free.

Other alternatives can be a beach area, public parks, a banquet hall, large yard, or wedding venues on off-seaon. Keep in mind that if you choose an alternative location you want to ask if there are tables and chairs that you can use. If the venue does not have any they can offer then you will have to either borrow tables and chairs or rent them.

5. Reconsider Catering

Some families choose to have the memorial service catered but if money is tight then skipping the caterer might be best. Instead of catering the service you can have a potluck where everyone brings a certain dish. This will save you hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars.

Friends and family will gladly help and will probably feel honored to contribute and help. You can also make it a dessert potluck to make things easier or another option is to have simple snacks served.

6. No Invitations

Thanks to technology you can choose to skip the cost of invitations and instead create online invites through an Event on Facebook or with a free template from a service like MailChimp, just to name a few. You can also do a search for free memorial websites that allow you to set up an event and include all of the details.

For those that are not connected online you can simply just call them to let them know about the service.

7. Funeral Programs

Although all funeral homes will offer to create your programs for a certain price, you might be able to save money if you make your own. If you are not very techy or computer savvy you probably can reach out to a friend or family member that can help you design a program that you can print at home or send to your local print shop.

This is a great way to save money unless the funeral home offers programs for free in their packages.

8. Donations Instead of Funeral Flowers

Everyone knows that paying for funeral costs is difficult unless your loved one had everything paid for and arranged before their death. Some people opt to state in the memorial service invitation that the family will accept contributions to help cover the funeral expenses in lieu of flowers.

Most will be happy to doante cash instead of spending the money on flowers because they are aware that this will help during these difficult times.

9. Memorial Gifts

The key is to give a memorial gift that is meaningful and when you choose a DIY option you can save a ton of money. An affordable option is a remembrance bookmark with words to commemorate your loved one and it can even include a plantable keepsake for guests to plant in memory of.

Time for Affordable Cremation

We hope that now that you are aware of affordable cremation you can make an informed decision on how to go about properly honoring your loved one. We know that losing someone you love is never an easy situation and the last thing we want is for you to be completely stressed out about the ordeals of the funeral and cremation service.

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