February 19, 2020 0 Comments Business

5 Ways you Should Legally Protect your business

As a business owner, one of your major priorities should be ensuring your business runs smoothly while also reducing risks in the line of work and dealing with clients. This article describes five measures you can take today to protect your business.

Get the Necessary Licenses and Permits

Some types of companies require state and local licenses and permits – and requirements may vary by state and county. Examples of requirements that some companies must meet to operate legally are government sales tax licenses, food/ drink permits, zoning permits, healthcare permits, etc.

Contact government, state and local agencies to find out what your business needs to do before starting operations.

Draw up all Relevant Contracts

Regardless of your business type, it is important that you have the appropriate contracts for each aspect of your professional engagement with others. Operating with suppliers, customers, and even employees without a contract can be a real problem, as it can destroy cash flow and potentially cause other problems for the company.

Setting up different important contract documents is a necessary legal protection, whether you are a freelancer, a newly-founded company or a well-established organisation.

Get Legal Advice

You should not fly by the seat of your pants when it comes to something as important as your business. If you are unsure of a business contract or have doubts about any other area of your business, a lawyer can step in and read the situation. A trained legal advisor will be able to clarify contracts and specific contract terms that you may not understand.

There’s no shame in seeking help; rather the shame is in not asking for help when it’s needed. You should not have a problem finding a lawyer; and if you can find one that specialises in your industry, that’s even better. When you find a competent lawyer tailored to the needs of your business, you can be sure that your business is in good hands.

While this should be obvious, you also need to make sure that your lawyer has a full license to operate in your state.

Get Insurance 

All companies should take out the insurance covers necessary for their business operations. If you hire or plan to hire employees, the law also requires you to have employee compensation insurance.

Different businesses or professions come with different degrees of risk or the possibility of making mistakes while undertaking jobs or projects for clients. This is why taking out professional indemnity is important as it helps to provide adequate cover for professionals and their business in the event that a client claims financial loss as a result of mistakes by the professional or business during the job execution. 

Protect Yourself Online

Every serious business has a website or some kind of online presence in the modern world, which makes online legal protection just as important as any other business cover. You’ll be glad you got one if you ever run into problems online. 

For example, you need to make sure that your website has a privacy policy, disclaimer and a full explanation of who you are as a company, what you do and what qualifications you need to do it. Terms of use of your website should also be available.

Wrapping up

In business, even the little things matter. Being a responsible entrepreneur reflects on both you and the company. Therefore, it is important to take the necessary protective measures because you never know when an accident, natural disaster or injury may occur.