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Using Sharepoint: How to Ensure You’re Getting the Most Out Of It

Sharing is caring. But sharing also makes great business sense.

In any company, you need to have reliable information to make decisions. Your employees need documents so they can do their jobs. Many software imposes limitations on sharing documents or isn’t customizable.

SharePoint is one of the popular office applications because it is so easy to use. Once you learn some basic tips and tricks, you can share information with all of your employees. Here is a quick guide on using SharePoint.

The Basics of Using SharePoint

SharePoint is a Microsoft program in their catalog of Office applications. SharePoint allows companies to set up a centralized point for document storing and sharing. You can upload, store, and download documents from SharePoint.

When you open SharePoint, you are brought to your team site. Your team site is your centralized point where you can navigate through documents and receive news. The home page of the site contains a feed that lets you see when someone adds or edits a document.

You can create and edit a page within your site. Most users create a page to type or copy-paste information in, but you can embed images and other media. You can also create a site itself if you receive authorization to do so.

You can also create a document library. Libraries store Word and other files. The greatest advantage of SharePoint for law firms is document libraries, as they organize files for easy access during a proceeding.

To edit or create a page, site, or library, open SharePoint, and then go to your Site Settings. Settings are the cogwheel in the top right corner of your window. You can then select what you want to do.

Sharing and Editing Documents

When you’re in the document library, a menu will appear across the top of your page. You can select to create, upload, and synchronize documents.

You can get a complete menu by hovering over a file name and clicking on the three dots beside it. You can open and share documents from here.

When you click Share, a small window will appear that lets you send a direct link to the document. To control who has access, click Share on the drop-down menu at the top of the page. You can choose to make the document public, keep it within a company, or limit it to people with existing access.

You can edit documents directly within the software. You can also download the file, edit it, and then reupload it. This option is good when you are making extensive edits to a document.

Build the Best Business

You need to ensure that everyone in your business has access to information. SharePoint is one Microsoft software that can help, and using SharePoint is easy.

You create a site that streamlines all documents into one interface. You then create pages to include documents. You can also organize documents in a library.

Use drop-down menus to share, edit, and download documents. You can also hover over a file name to produce another menu.

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