March 17, 2022 0 Comments Tech

How is Robotics Improving Human Life?

Human life is constantly augmented by technology. It can be difficult to be aware of exactly how it is changing things around us, but one of the most obvious developments is within the field of robotics. The industry used to be the stuff of dreams—science fiction novels and films. Now it is reality. The future is now and it’s changing fast. Robots aren’t exactly how visionary writers thought of them, but they are still changing and improving human life in all sorts of ways. Of course, we will need to reckon with the results of the future, but the benefits are undeniable.

Increase Efficiency

One huge improvement that robotics offers is an increase to efficiency. Robotic arms can be seen zipping in warehouses, manufacturing goods, and conducting mundane tasks faster and more effectively than humans ever could. 3D printers can make all kinds of items. It goes without saying that these robots are “taking human jobs” but with these tasks conducted faster and better than ever before, it frees up humanity to do more meaningful work. Whether you like it or not, robotics will greatly improve the efficiency of our world and change the way humans’ function in it.

Improve Strength & Endurance

Robotics isn’t just focused on creating autonomous beings that can walk and talk. The industry is making robotic enhancements to improve the strength and endurance of humans. For example, an exoskeleton suit is a fully powered robot that attaches to your body, providing ergonomic strength and endurance.

Human capabilities are greatly improved by this technology. These exoskeleton suits offer the ability for a single human being to do the work of many in a fraction of the time. Whatever environment the person is working in, improving the strength, endurance, and ergonomic capabilities will undoubtedly change the way we live.

Protect Our Bodies

Exoskeleton suits also protect the body from harm, but they aren’t the only robotic item that can do that. Robotic gloves protect the hands when working in a dangerous environment. If you are working in heat, near blades, or around harmful chemicals, robotic gloves can provide protection, precision, and strength. Remotely controlled robots allow workers to get things done from safety. Not only are these remote robots safe for humans, but they are also precise. Whether it’s a glove, a remotely controlled bot, or a full exoskeleton suit, robotics can protect our bodies.

Supplement as Limbs

If a person has already lost a limb, they can get a robotic supplement. These limbs provide mobility, strength, dexterity, and the ability to live a normal life. This has been a game-changer for anyone who is missing a limb or paralyzed from the waist down. Whatever the situation, robotics has greatly improved the lives of people who are missing limbs. This is a huge benefit of the robotics industry.

Autonomous Transportation

You might not think about robotics when you are looking at a Tesla, but maybe you should. Self-driving cars are a form of robotics. Not only are autonomous vehicles becoming more and more common, but robots can also use transport for other purposes. For example, robots can survey land like they do on the moon and mars. They can transport goods in addition to people. China has been using robots to provide food, medicine, and other supplies to people with COVID-19. There are plenty of tasks that robots can do with transportation. If you can come up with it, it probably exists.

It doesn’t matter if you are into the idea of living amongst robots or not, the future is upon us. Robotics isn’t what we imagined it would be, but it’s creations will be all around us. The walking-and-talking robots of our imagination are only a part of what robots really are. With robotic arms manufacturing products and providing limbs for humans, exoskeleton suits offering strength and endurance, or remote robots that can be controlled by humans in safety, there are plenty of other ways that robotics is improving human life.

Still, as technology progresses it is essential to tread softly. Tech is already beyond human control in many ways. Luckily, with robotics much of the innovations are focused on providing increased control for humanity. We want the future to be more efficient and productive, but it’s always important to think about the consequences of moving forward too quickly.

Ryan Beitler is a journalist and writer who has written about technology for many publications.