April 8, 2019 0 Comments Entrepreneurship

Ron Cadman’s Steps to Becoming an Accomplished Entrepreneur

Disclaimer: The author has no affiliation with any of the products, services or companies discussed in this article.

Becoming an accomplished entrepreneur like Ron Cadman is no easy feat. For him to climb to the top of the real estate biz took two decades of hard work, dedication, and a certain skills set. After 20 years of climbing to the top Ron has become an extremely accomplished entrepreneur and he knows the steps involved in getting there.

If your focus is on entrepreneurship, it is time to start taking initiative to grow your business or personal brand. Here are the basic steps involved in climbing to the top of the entrepreneurial ladder.

Step 1: Find a business solution that you are passionate about

First things first, you need come up with some semblance of a business idea. Hopefully you have already figured that out, but if not you still have a lot of work ahead of you. Think of something that you are passionate about and something you think could improve the daily lives of individuals.

Step 2: Think about your educational needs and skills requirements

Do you have the proper education to make your business goals a reality? If not, it is time to hit the books and befriend some professors. Chances are you already have some sort of education, but consider the specific credentials you’ll need to get your business up and running. Maybe this won’t be in the form of a university degree but rather some sort of certification or license.

Step 3: Plan, plan, plan

Now it is time to put pen to paper. The planning process is when you start putting what’s within the confines of your head and compiling it all together. You need to have all of your ideas and goals in one easy to access spot. If you don’t consider yourself the most organized person, think about hiring a virtual assistant to help you through the process.

Step 4: Determine your target audience

Who will actually buy your product or use your service? This should not be too difficult to figure out since you probably created the product with a specific group of people in mind. Think about age and gender first, but then start getting to the nitty gritty by determining things like race, religion, and social income.

Step 5: Never underestimate the power of networking

Networking is a powerful tool and one that you’ll certainly need to master if you want to become an accomplished entrepreneur. Networking does not just mean making new contacts. It also means reaching out to people from your past like professors, work colleagues, and employers. It is also a good idea to start attending networking events in your area, especially ones directly related to your business idea.

Step 6: Implement proper marketing strategies

Once everything else is set in place it is time to market. There are tons of marketing strategies to choose from in 2019, most of them geared towards the digital side of things. Invest time and money into SEO, social media advertising, and email marketing.