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How to Make That Evening Event with HIm Special

If you have been dating someone for a long time or married to that person, chances are that things sometimes get a little stale. In order to make sure that your relationship stays strong, you need to do some special things to add some excitement for the two of you.

You might find that it is difficult to make time to do this, and one way to make sure that it happens is to include special elements into existing times when you are together. For instance, if you get invited to a special event together, use it to create an opportunity to get closer and more intimate.

Here are some tips for you to make a planned evening event a special time with your partner.

Buy an Elegant Evening Dress

If you and your partner go to regular events in the evening, you probably have a few dresses that you normally wear to these events. The dresses might look good but the aim and wearing them is merely to fit into the event and show people that you have a bit of class.

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Rent a Limousine

You probably typically drive to the event and this is the best way to go if you are looking to save a bit of money on transportation. But one way to spice things up a bit is to hire a car to take you and your partner to the event. Call a local car hire service and rent a nice late model automobile with a driver to pick you up and bring you back home.

You and your partner will be surprised at how special this one thing will make the evening and it gives you the chance to sit next to each other while someone else does the driving. Also if there is alcohol being served at the event, you and your partner can both partake knowing that neither of you have to drive later. It might be an added expense, hiring a car, but the benefits make it worth it.

Give Your Partner Lots of Attention

You bought an elegant evening gown that you are wearing, you spent money for a car hire, and you can now devote your attention to your partner for the evening. Use this opportunity, starting in the limousine, to show your partner lots of attention. Turn on some nice music in the car, put your arm around him or her, moving close, and say nice and romantic things in his or her ear. This will get things started nicely for your evening.

You should continue this behavior at the event. Stand closer to your partner, take his or her hand, and use every opportunity to make physical contact. Also make sure to continually ask your partner if he or she is comfortable, has enough to drink, or is hungry. This added amount of attention will make your partner feel special and closer to you.

If you can, plan a late night where the two of you can spend some additional time together during the event or even after if it is possible. Since you have the limo for the night and you are all dressed up, it is the perfect opportunity to get some quality time alone.